• One of the Most Effective Ways to Advertise

    You probably saw at least one of your favorite ads on the “tube.” Through cable and broadcast networks, we will help you reach your target demographic.

  • Google, Facebook, Programmatic, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat...

    The Internet has become integral in our everyday lives, from reading the news to social media and shopping. We will strategize to reach your customers online.

  • Reaching 93% of the Population

    Radio reaches 230 million listeners every week. Drawing specific audiences through specialized programming, we can impact individuals with creative messages.

  • Millions of Readers

    Print reaches millions of readers per week. Beyond Spots & Dots delivers print advertisements through newspapers, magazines and more to generate sales for you.

  • Like, Share, Comment, Promote, Retweet...

    “Like” ads, comment threads, promoted tweets. We leverage the popularity of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others to engage customers.

  • Billboards, Posters, Bus Shelters, Benches...

    Most people spend 15+ hours per week in a car. Because of this extensive reach, outdoor ads like billboards, posters, bus shelters and others are effective.

  • TV, Internet, Radio, Outdoor & Print...

    Advertising involves choosing the right form of media. We will determine the best fit among TV, radio, Internet, etc. and negotiate prices for your campaign.

  • Build and Target Your Custom Audience

    From Geofencing and Geofence Remarketing to CRM Targeting and GeoConversion Tracking, Beyond Spots & Dots has a full suite of programmatic tactics available for your organizations needs.