Print Advertising

Optimize Your Message for Driving Sales

Reach your ideal consumers right where they are with messaging that leaves a lasting impression. With millions of readers each week, companies have the potential to significantly boost their response rates through print advertising. Our experienced team pairs high-quality images with effective messaging to build memorable customer experiences that drive action.

Whether your goal is to reach a local, regional or national target audience, Beyond Spots & Dots will shape and define your campaign to achieve optimal results.


Print Advertising Strategy

  1. A local newspaper campaign can serve a similar purpose to that of a local cable buy.
  2. Psychographics and demographics can be used to pull target lists for a direct mail drop.
  3. Inserts in magazines and newspapers vary in size and card stock.
  4. Newspapers often have a "gift guide" section in which to advertise in around holidays.
  5. National magazines segment distribution on a regional basis for local advertising purposes.

Print advertising options for your campaign include but are not limited to:


From your local Gazette to the New York Times, papers reach the hands of thousands (or even millions) each day.


Magazines are mail that your audience wants to receive and are often highly specialized to certain interests. Why not choose a publication relevant to your industry to reach your target audience?

Direct Mail

Post cards, flyers and branded items like magnets get noticed!

Free Publications

Every community has at least a few of these, like Penny Savers and home buying/rental guides, that get picked up in grocery stores and street side stands.

Coupon Advertising

Discounts are HUGE motivators for customers to try a new product or service. Offering coupons will draw in customers who will have no problem paying full price later.

Directory Listings

Specialized directory listings ensure that the audience you want to reach can find you by sharing your information in the right place.

Phone Books

Putting your company’s name in the phone book, both in print and in digital versions, helps industry insiders and potential customers get in touch with you.

Regional Newspapers

Perfect for touching a localized audience, regional newspaper ads attract customers near you.

Weekly Publications

From local periodicals to magazines, advertising in weekly publications is effective in reaching a local audience with timely information.


Want to advertise your product and permit purchases through printed catalogs? We can design and produce catalogs and catalog ads to increase your sales.

Scope of Services

We handle all of your advertising needs so that your business can continue to do its job while we do ours. We act as a “one-stop-shop” to keep it more convenient.


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