Google Analytics

Dig Deeper into Your Brand & Users

Do you need to gain insight into the effectiveness of your brand’s online presence and information about users? From discovering how users are interacting with your website, to determining online advertising effectiveness, Google Analytics shows you what’s working—and what isn’t.  Unleash the power of Google Analytics with Beyond Spots & Dots today and help your organization grow. 

Google Partner

As a Google Partner, Beyond Spots & Dots has been trusted as a certified expert with proven success using industry best practices. With Partner status, Beyond Spots & Dots stays ahead of the curve by using the latest Google tools and products and by working directly with Google to help clients get the most out of their marketing budgets.

Benefits of Google Analytics

  1. Business intelligence for decision-making
  2. Improve SEO with insights into keyword effectiveness
  3. Monitor traffic sources to see where users are coming from
  4. Optimize advertising allocations based upon user conversions
  5. Discover underlying User Experience issues based on site interaction
  6. Track website bounce rates and time spent to inform site content

Business Intelligence for Decision Making

Your website acts as your silent sales person, but is it performing at its best? At Beyond Spots & Dots, we use Google Analytics and business acumen to help drive sales. Determining user flow, which pages are the most prominent, where traffic is coming from and countless other data points gives us the opportunity to optimize your silent sales person.

Does your main menu need to have a careers link? Are there pages on your site which represent services with so much traffic that they warrant a place on the homepage? Which services or products are the least popular, and how does traffic correlate? Perhaps it's time to eliminate a service. Do you have traffic from news articles, but don't have a press release section? Give us a call and let us take a deep dive into your site. It may change how you look at your business.

Analytics Reporting & User Flow

On an ongoing basis, Google Certified digital experts at Beyond Spots & Dots can provide in-depth Google Analytics reporting for your company or organization. See which pages of your website generate the most traffic, how and when people are are using your site or which online properties drive the majority of your traffic. With extensive insights in hand, you’ll have the data to be one step closer to enhancing your brand online!

Search Engine Optimization

Are there pieces of your website which are not optimized for search engine results? Google Analytics gives you insights into what may be causing issues. From missing page titles and site speed, to geographic and social traffic, let our digital experts take a deep dive into your site and help improve your search engine rankings.

Advertising Optimization

With the use of Google Analytics, we continuously optimize digital advertising campaigns to eliminate wasted ad spend. Using data directly from your site, we use quantitative analysis to optimize campaigns.

Implementing conversion tracking lets us see where you are getting traction from ad dollars through completed eCommerce sales, application submissions, inquiries or user form submissions. Our daily monitoring of campaign acquisition from paid keywords and third party site traffic allows us to manage traffic flow and ensure quality, targeted site traffic.

Internet Advertising

Internet advertising has become an essential part of a successful advertising mix, as the web is an interactive and social space and is a cost-effective way to reach a global or local audience.


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