Media Buying

Reach Your Audience Across Relevant Media

Utilizing our comprehensive research tools and expertise, we generate insight and guidance for making strategic, informed decisions with media. If you’re looking to create the strongest impact with your budget, leverage Beyond Spots & Dots’ approach to purposefully deliver your brand’s story to the right audience at the most relevant time.   

Our data-driven strategy will ensure your message reaches, resonates with, and motivates your target audience to drive measurable outcomes. 


We are obsessed with KPIs. You should be too.

Let Beyond Spots & Dots help you obtain results by managing your advertising campaign through strategic media buying.

Budget... Research... Create... Target... Negotiate... Place... Manage.

Beyond Spots & Dots is an advertising agency with the skills to bring your organization success. We will conduct a full-fledged budget analysis and provide your company with an outstanding media plan that works. Our media plan will include an advertising mix that will fit your budget and bestow a return on your investment. While the purpose of an advertising agency is to provide an advertising mix, we take it a step further to provide a solution to your sales and marketing goals based on comprehensive market research.

Once the media mix is determined and agreed upon, Beyond Spots & Dots will move forward with negotiating rates and ad placement on your behalf.  With over 20 years of experience in the advertising business take advantage of our volume discount rates and negotiating skills.

Gain our media relationships and let us handle the media buying so that you can save time and money. 

Our media buying includes, but is not limited to:

Budget Analysis

Beyond Spots & Dots will begin by conducting a full-scale budget analysis to assess the most effective way to spend your dollars, generate the strongest impact, and achieve your company’s goals. 


Our media buying strategy includes choosing individualized advertising methods, from TV commercials to radio and print ads to Internet advertising and social media campaigns, that will fit your budget and provide a return on your investment by increasing exposure and sales.

Market Research

In addition to the advertising strategy, we analyze comprehensive market research to provide a solution for your marketing goals and to determine the most effective audience to target.

Rate Negotiation

Once the media mix is determined and agreed upon, Beyond Spots & Dots will move forward by negotiating with media outlets regarding placement prices for your advertisement. With decades of experience, we have the ability to negotiate volume discount rates.

Ad Placement

Once the advertisements are created and all of the details are in place, Beyond Spots & Dots will distribute and run your ad in the agreed upon media, tracking results along the way.

Scope of Services

We handle everything related to advertising so that organizations we work with can continue to do their job, while we do ours. We act as a "one-stop-shop" to keep it more convenient.


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