Market Research

Reach Your Goals and Objectives

What makes Beyond Spots & Dots unique is that we conduct market and competitive research for every advertising plan we put together, no matter how small the budget. The goal of our research is to answer questions related to your target audience so you reach your goals and objectives. We analyze market penetration, brand loyalty and other key measurements among your target customers, viewers, readers and listeners.

Anyone can call a television station or a newspaper company and place a commercial or ad based on the rate you receive. But what if there is a more cost-effective way to advertise your product or service? What if you could reach your target faster through another form of advertising?

That’s where market research comes in. You need to know about your competition, your audience and how best to reach them. But you probably don’t have the time to research how to get the most from your advertising budget. The good news is that we do, and we have longstanding relationships with the media community that help us secure great rates.

Stretch Your Advertising Dollars with a Media Plan

We are obsessed with results. You should be too.

Let Beyond Spots & Dots help you obtain results by managing your advertising campaign through strategic media buying.

Budget... Research... Target... Negotiate... Place... Manage.

Our Strategy Behind Proven Results

The research we have access to includes various categories, consumer shopping habits, demographics, media usage, lifestyles, psychographics, census data and more. Our measurements detail the lives of your prospective and current target. Today's marketplace is changing faster than ever with a savvy group of consumers. Beyond Spots & Dots can help your business in fighting harder to win the battle for share of voice and ultimately, a greater market share.

Beyond Spots & Dots has a wealth of resources geared to helping you compete successfully in the changing economy. Our research analysis will provide a strategic plan to back up the media recommendation we make.

Our market research process includes but is not limited to:

Brand Loyalty

Consumers have a habit of sticking by the brands they like. We’ll measure how true this is of your target audience as well as which brand(s) they are loyal to. Are YOU their go-to for purchases? We’ll find this out and work to increase brand loyalty.

Shopping Habits

What and when customers buy products fluctuates based on a variety of factors. Is it holiday time? Do you do a higher volume of sales on weekends? Are sales higher online than in-store? Narrowing down purchase habits will better enable Beyond Spots & Dots to time and target specific messaging.


What is the makeup of your customer base? Male or female? Old or young? Which ethnicities does your brand resonate with? We’ll break these aspects down and work to target your messages appropriately.

Media Usage

Different audiences obtain branded information from varying sources. One group may encounter your brand on television. Another may find you on the Web. Looking at your audience demographics in conjunction with their media habits, we’ll be better able to determine what spaces are best for your message.

Lifestyle Information

What is your audience like? How do they live and spend their time? We will delve into the hobbies, group affiliations and worldviews of your audience to learn how best to reach them on a personal level.


To execute a successful marketing campaign, you need to know how your target audience thinks. What is important to them? What sorts of things are they interested in? Through our market research process, Beyond Spots & Dots will gather this information.

Census Data

Official government statistics from the census are helpful in knowing your audience, from local population to average income level. We will combine this with our own demographic research to help your campaign.

Media Buying

Media buying is all about buying ad space in various outlets. It’s similar to putting pieces of a puzzle together. Because we’re bombarded with information from a variety of media sources, ad placement is key.


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