Presentation Materials

Folders, One Sheets, Brochures...

In today's world, image is growing increasingly more important. Well-designed presentation tools can give your company the edge it needs to make a sale, catch the eye of a decision-maker or even reinforce your company's professional image.

At Beyond Spots & Dots, we are committed to helping your business put its best foot forward, both in and out of the conference room. We have the capabilities to design everything from informational one sheets and brochures to digital portfolios that will give your business the visual "wow" factor it needs.

Keys to a Good Presentation

  1. Prepare thoroughly so you appear more knowledgeable and trustworthy
  2. Have the appropriate materials that will allow you to better make your point
  3. Take a breath and calm your nerves so you think more clearly
  4. Incorporate hand gestures – but not so many that they become distracting
  5. Slow down; because it's a presentation, not a race
  6. Keep it concise by limiting the number of bullet points on your slides

Professional tools include, but are not limited to:

One Sheets

One sheets are just what their name suggests—one sheet in length. We’ll summarize your products and services in an easy-to-digest format that tells prospective customers the essential information about your brand.


Branded folders are a clean and neat way to organize your own presentation aids and to hand out to participants at events and conferences with informational materials inside.


Beyond Spots & Dots will develop full-color brochures that highlight your offerings and supplement the information you are sharing in your presentation.

Power Points

Power Point presentations add an interactive, digital element to any professional brand presentation by enabling the use of images, video and succinct bullet-pointed information. We’ll work to create an engaging supplement to your presentation.

Digital Portfolios

Organizing your work into a portfolio permits convenient access during presentations and provides evidence of your brand’s accomplishments in one place.

Graphic Design

Our passion is graphic design. Our graphic design team has both the skills and the vision to make your brand pop, from logo creation to newspaper and magazine ad development.


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