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About BS&D

  • A Little Bit About Who We Are

    Beyond Spots & Dots is a full service advertising agency with global reach dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising for our clients.

  • Advertising, Marketing, PR, Branding, Digital

    Advertising agencies handle various responsibilities with respect to advertising and/or marketing. Beyond Spots & Dots handles everything related to advertising so the businesses we work with can continue to do their job while we do ours.

  • Organizations and Memberships

    Beyond Spots & Dots is proudly affiliated with several business and marketing organizations.

  • Honor & Distinction

    Beyond Spots & Dots is fortunate to have continually grown since we opened our doors in 2006, expanding our service offerings and our team to better serve you. As our agency has continued to grow, so too has our success.

  • Helpful Terminology

    At Beyond Spots and Dots, we value informed clients. Here's some common industry terms to help you navigate the jargon used in the advertising world.

  • Protection of Individual Privacy

    Beyond Spots & Dots views the protection of individual privacy as critically important. We do not sell, share or distribute client data to anyone without their expressed consent.

  • Rules and Specifications for the BS&D Identity

    Below are the approved logos and colors for the Beyond Spots & Dots brand. These are intended to be used by media outlets.

  • See Our Site Specifications

    The Beyond Spots & Dots website is a custom website built in-house using Drupal 7 and our own custom installation profile.

  • Our Company History

    View a brief timeline of the agency's 10 year history.