Booth Space

Catch the Eye of the Consumer

Showing off your company at a trade show is a great way to gain new exposure and generate leads – but only if you catch the eye of consumer. Here at Beyond Spots & Dots, we are committed to ensuring that your business is ready to make a memorable first impression.

From tablecloths to backdrop displays and everything in between, our expert team will work with you to make sure your business stands out from the crowd.

How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Trade Show Booth

Gain New Exposure and Generate Leads

We specialize in creating professional, eye-catching displays that will help your booth attract new customers, allowing you to start building new relationships.

Booth Services include but are not limited to:

Enter to Win Boxes

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Prizes are great motivators for potential customers to visit your booth space and check out your company. We’ll design an attention-grabbing raffle box for your trade show contest.

Storage Containers

Our team will design and order branded storage containers to keep your convention materials in.

Carrying Cases

We can help to design and order branded cases such as laptop bags and more, complete with your company logo.

Booth Furniture

You’ll need all the essentials for a standout trade show booth, so we’ll set you up with chairs, tables and whatever else you may need!


You need somewhere to display your materials at events, so we’ll secure the tables for your booth.


Sit down and relax. No, really. We’ll obtain necessary seating for your booth.

Sheet Holders

To effectively display your product one-sheets, we’ll design and secure sturdy holders to put at your table.

Brochure Holders

Be it a branded standing shelf or something more basic, the team at Beyond Spots & Dots will create & provide a means to present the brochures that feature your brand and products.


Do you want a rug with your logo on it to customize your trade show space? Our design team will take care of it!


We’ll make sure your booth space has adequate lighting so that customers can get the full impact of your thoughtful display.


Design and Order of:


Having a trade show? Exhibitors need banners to attract attention to their booths, and we have the skills to produce attention-getting banner signs.


From outdoor signs to be placed around the event venue to tabletop displays for booths, we’ll develop the best signage solutions to fit your needs.


Our designers will create specialty tablecloths for your large-scale events using innovative designs and high quality fabrics.


In a tag-team effort, our designers and writers will craft compelling content and graphics for your company’s inclusive & informative brochure.

Wrist Bands

Promotional wrist bands may feature your company’s Web address, slogan and/or logo to get your name out there.


Our design team will create standout branded apparel, like t-shirts, hoodies and hats, featuring your logo and distinct artwork to hand out to visitors and customers.

Business Cards

Beyond Spots & Dots will create your business cards in various shapes, sizes and colors to best represent your brand and to blend seamlessly with the appearance of other company communication materials like letterheads.

Event Planning

We can help you plan, prepare for and staff events, conferences and exhibit booths, giving you the opportunity to not only promote your products and services, but put a professional face to your brand.


Start The Conversation

We handle the entire process so that you can save time and manage your business more efficiently. Contact us now at 412-281-6215 (Pittsburgh),  614-255-7530 (Columbus) or 443-652-6001 (Baltimore) or click below to fill out a contact form to learn more about how we can help grow your business.