Television Advertising

Make an Impact the Moment it Matters Most

TV advertising is not only effective, it’s evolving. As TV platforms continue to advance, so does our strategy. Through data-driven designs and creative storytelling concepts, we deliver content that captures your audience’s attention—and keeps it. No matter what platform your target audience is watching, we’ll be there to bring your ideas to life and deliver messages that activate audiences and maximize impact to drive measurable outcomes.

Whether you are trying to reach a local, regional or national target audience, television is one of the most effective ways to advertise.

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Cable & Broadcast

Through cable and broadcast networks, Beyond Spots & Dots can help your company reach your specific target demographic. By combing analytics and our experience in strategic approaches, we’ll help your brand optimize media buying efficiencies, maximize impact, and, ultimately, help consumers connect with your brand through multi-sensory experiences. 

Whether it's 18-24 year olds, men or women, golfers, artists or even do-it-yourselfers, vigorous market research conducted by Beyond Spots & Dots will optimize your media plan. Our media specialists know how TV stations operate and how to buy TV efficiently. We know how to build customized media plans which best fit your sales and marketing goals.

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Programmatic OTT/CTV 

It seems like everyone is cutting the cord these days. Whether you define programmatic television as Hulu, YouTube and Samsumg TV Plus or watch your favorite shows through AppleTV, Amazon Firestick, Roku, Xbox, Wii and smart TV's, we are able to deliver authentic, memorable content that builds relationships with your target audience across multiple platforms.

Reach your demographic through your own CRM database or custom audience segmentation targeting online behaviors using Oracle BlueKai, Acxium, LiveRamp, Nielson and exelate data.

With a multi-layered approach, we connect to your audience on their television's premium streaming channels, or across any device where they may be watching premium programming. Learn more.


YouTube OTT

One of the largest platforms available, and one with extensive popularity and brand awareness, is YouTube. YouTube offers a more modern advertising strategy to put your ads in front of consumers with OTT placement. For YouTube OTT, these are video advertisements that appear on videos, specifically on television screens, you watch on the platform. Often, they run pre-roll, before the video plays, or pop up mid-video. Many of these ads are skippable after a short period of time, sending consumers back to the content they were watching.

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Difference Between Broadcast & Cable TV

Types of TV Advertising

  1. OTT/CTV reaches cord cutters who don't have cable
  2. Broadcast advertising on networks such as NBC, CBS, ABC & Fox
  3. Cable advertising on networks like HGTV, ESPN, Lifetime, The Weather Channel
  4. FIOS, Satellite, Direct TV, etc.
  5. Local cable advertising within zones/systems
  6. Regional cable advertising within an Interconnect

What's Web Lift?

Through long term relationships with media vendors, as well as the volume of business we place, Beyond Spots & Dots negotiates the best ad rates on behalf of our customers. What makes us unique is that Beyond Spots & Dots does not stop once the media buy has been placed. We constantly manage and optimize placement of commercials throughout the entire campaign to ensure proper rotation and traffic goals.

Research... Target... Create... Negotiate... Place... Manage.


President and Founder Melanie Querry and CEO Andreas Beck talked about tips for buying TV and radio advertising during their recent episode of Beyond the Scenes, an award-winning video podcast. 

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Scope of Services

We handle everything related to advertising so that organizations we work with can continue to do their job, while we do ours. We act as a “one-stop-shop” to keep it more convenient.


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