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How ChatGPT Can Enhance Your Marketing Strategy and Where You Should Avoid Using It

ChatGPT’s takeover of the internet has sparked a wide spectrum of public interest and a major wave of professional investigation into how this new technology can and can’t be used.

“It’s a cool technology. It’s definitely disrupting our industry,” said Melanie Querry, President and Founder of Beyond Spots & Dots. “The digital world is a little bit upside down trying to figure out what is going to happen with it.”

The first area of interest in ChatGPT from a marketing standpoint is copywriting. While it’s easy to collect some bullet points and input your gathered information into ChatGPT, what it generates is not going to be a finished product. The program works by taking your inputs and analyzing them in comparison to previous inputs it has received or similar data it finds on the internet. It then produces an output that it predicts closely matches what you are looking for. From a professional standpoint, these outputs are still going to require a human touch to rewrite and format, or a significant amount of time spent training ChatGPT to give you the exact level of work you’re looking for. The latter process would likely take as much time and effort, if not more, than having a human do the work.

“Ultimately, you’re going to have a bad time if you are going to tell ChatGPT to write you a press release,” said Andreas Beck, CEO of Beyond Spots & Dots. “It’s just not going to come out the way you want it to. There’s just so much to the structure of a press release to make it effective for the customer that ChatGPT just doesn’t do all of that for you.”

“While it’s disrupting, we also feel like it’s over-sensationalized in the media today. Every day you’re reading a new ChatGPT article about how people are using it,” Beck said. “For our industry specifically, it’s not just going to take away the advertising agency. I believe it’s going to add to our abilities but it’s not going to take away an entire industry for advertising.”