Digital Brand Management

The Importance of Digital Brand Management

Digital Brand Management encompasses everything that represents your business online. Your company's online presence isn't limited to your website. Your brand has a presence on sites across the internet, like social media, news articles, and other sites that may have information about your company listed. 

"We want to have a consistent brand image across the board," Andreas Beck, CEO of Beyond Spots & Dots, said. "We want to make sure that same background, the color scheme, that everything is just right."

These efforts also include how your brand appears on search engines. It's important to make sure that information and perception of your company comes up correctly when it is searched. 

"When you type in your name and you see your search results, that's really your home page," Beck said. "Yes, you have your website, but the search results are typically the first thing people see."

From a public relations standpoint, press releases and positive storytelling about your company is an ideal way to enhance a business's search engine results and further digital brand management.