Beyond Spots & Dots Internet Advertising

The Digital Journey

The Digital Journey: A Customer's Path from Awareness to Purchase 

There's a framework for what people are doing online. Typically, people don't just make a purchase or business decision without taking a journey to get there.

This digital journey starts with awareness. With the right messaging campaign, more people begin to hear about your brand and this leads into research into your brand. 

"In that research phase, people are going to be coming to your website," Andreas Beck, CEO of Beyond Spots & Dots, said. "We hope that from an awareness factor they might click on an ad or see a post on social media and follow it to your website."

Once a potential customer or client is on your website, it's important that you have the right tools available to them to build confidence in your brand as they make a consideration.

Consumers will often step away from the digital journey at that point, not out of disinterest in a product or service, but to give themselves time to consider it. With the cross-platform availability of digital media consumers have access to, this is where remarketing comes into play.

Once a potential customer has visited your website, remarketing allows you to target those customers as part of an audience for additional digital advertising campaigns. This repeated brand awareness can help build confidence in your brand and ultimately lead to a purchase, application, or inquiry.