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Why A Logo Usage Manual is a Key Tool for Your Company's Brand

A logo usage manual is a critical tool to have for your brand. In house, it provides guidelines for your team to follow brand standards and helps new team members properly utilize your logo and represent your company.

"A logo usage manual will allow a vendor to understand how to use your colors correctly," Melanie Querry, President and Founder of Beyond Spots & Dots, said. "Making sure that your logo is used properly, the color codes are incorporated properly, and that someone is utilizing the colors that you have."

Your logo is the centerpiece for your company's brand. When you order products from a vendor, providing a logo usage manual upfront can prevent vendors from taking creative liberties that fundamentally change your logo. 

"Vendors also gain the knowledge of the attributes that are important to your logo," Andreas Beck, CEO of Beyond Spots & Dots, said. "They can, from a quality perspective and a proofing process perspective, know that everything is in line."