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Media Plan

Why Your Business Needs a Media Plan

Media plans are a key tool to developing a roadmap for your company's continued growth and success.

"A media plan, or a marketing plan, is just as important as a business plan," Melanie Querry, President & Founder of Beyond Spots & Dots, said. "For us, a marketing plan is taking dollars allocated for marketing purposes along with research that has been done and establishing a multi-layered advertising, public relations, and marketing approach based on the budget."

Media plans are often fluid, adjusting based on budget, operations need, or seasonal changes in business strategy. Laying out how a business can most effectively and efficiently approach its marketing plan year-round can lead your company down the correct path for success.

In addition to helping your business grow, a marketing plan can also keep your business with financial security by correctly budgeting costs of marketing and media buys upfront.