Press Release Distribution

The Impact of Press Release Distribution

President and Founder Melanie Querry and CEO Andreas Beck talked about the impact of press release distribution during Their recent episode of Beyond the Scenes award-winning video podcast.

Press releases offer numerous benefits to a business beyond just sharing company news. Whether you’re sharing news, growth, achievements, or other information, the benefits reach several areas and have long-term impact. “First of all, generating that share of voice that you may not have on the internet,” Beyond Spots & Dots President and Founder Melanie Querry said. “That press release is utilized by media outlets out there locally, regionally, nationally, globally, and that press release then generates that story that we really want to tell regarding your company. Media outlets currently receive press releases from multiple sources such as direct email or via distribution services. Once the press release reaches these outlets, it starts to generate earned media for your company. “This isn’t the old fashion way of uploading it or faxing it to your local newspaper,” Querry said. 

The earned media from a press release can be extremely valuable and have lasting effects because it is exactly the type of content media outlets are looking for “Media outlets are dying for positive news,” Querry said. “They really want positive content to report on. So, they’re using that press release and that positive content to generate their own content.” “So, an agency’s job is to feed them that news and have it as easy as possible to get for them,” Beyond Spots & Dots CEO Andreas Beck said.

Once a press release is distributed, further earned media opportunities can present themselves in the form of interviews, reports, and articles from industry-specific media outlets about your company. All of these articles and earned media build a significant library of content that helps your company’s search engine optimization (SEO).“It generates, the press release and all of these articles we are talking about, really generate SEO. Positive SEO,” Querry said. 

“The best part is that Google, they scrape the whole web,” Beck said. “The more times that they see your name, the more points you get with their algorithm and that ranks you higher.”Press releases can also be loaded with keywords optimized for search engines that increase your company’s visibility online and improve search rankings.“Positive public relations that you generate just from one press release can really turn a company around,” Querry said. 

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