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Press Releases

Using Press Releases to Establish Your Company's Story

When your company has great news to share, be it successes, accolades, or expansions, its beneficial to make sure that news is shared. Press releases are great ways to generate share of voice with news about your company. Traditional distribution helps your company build ongoing relationships with news professionals that leads to positive coverage, but digital distribution is becoming increasingly prevalent.

“And the digital aspect of all this is critical.” Melanie Querry, President and Founder of Beyond Spots & Dots, said. 

Quarterly press releases can help your company stay relevant and build its own unique story.

“A lot of times companies will come to us and say ‘I don’t know if there’s any newsworthy things to talk about.’” Andreas Beck, CEO of Beyond Spots & Dots, said. “The very first thing is we need to become story builders. So, a lot of what Beyond Spots & Dots does is building these stories for companies."

Press releases can focus on a variety of topics based on what is important to your company. Some companies want to focus on growth, both internally and helping others grow. Other topics include completion of major products, board-level hires, expansions, partnerships, philanthropy, and award wins.

The benefits that come from generating share of voice from press releases is broad and highly impactful. By distributing press releases through credible entities, news outlets will have access to your release to generate stories about your company. That earned media is highly valuable and has long-term benefits. When you run your company through a search engine, news stories generated by your press release are more likely to appear and create a positive reputation for your company. 

"If your company has any negative news, sometimes regarding safety issues or concerns in certain industries, the positive SEO that press releases create will push that negative down," Querry said. "The whole goal is to be positive and credible and to create and establish credibility about your company."

Google is often a potential customer's first introduction to your business and media about your company is likely to appear early on in search results.

"Google is your home page," Beck said. "We want to make sure that is exactly what you would like it to be."