The Psychology of Remarketing

Display ads are everywhere. They pop up on websites and in apps. They come in squares, or rectangles, or vertical sidebars. We see them almost every click — because that’s how the internet makes its revenue.

“Display ads are what I call the pretty ads,” says Melanie Querry, President & Founder of Beyond Spots & Dots, “and usually are branding a company or selling a service.” 

So, what is the value of display advertisements, and why should your company want to invest in them? Put simply, because they are being provided by Google, and Google knows what people are looking for on the internet. 

“Google is King with respect to any search engine,” says Querry. “They're pushing those ads into what you're reading and what you're looking for and what you're searching.”

Let’s consider an example:

Say you’re in the market for a new roof, but don’t know the first thing about a roof replacement. So, you turn to Google to search for information. As you are reading an article about which types of roofing tiles to consider, a display ad might pop up for a roofing company. This is critical, and beneficial, for both the consumer and business.

While you may ignore the display ad the first time, Google will continue to remember that you are interested in roof-related content. That ad for XYZ Roofing Company may pop up on more roofing-related websites as you continue to research roofing materials. 

Now, consider the added influence of remarketing. Once a user goes to, they get tagged. When creating their display advertising campaign, XYZ Roofing Company has multiple different ad sizes and platforms to choose from. The more ad variations they create, the greater the distribution potential, and the greater the chance of remarketing across the web and social media platforms.

As you continue to see XYZ Roofing Company’s ads pop up, a level of trust for and recognition of this company is established. When you then begin reaching out to roofing companies for a quote on services, XYZ Roofing Company has a pretty great chance of being on your list.

So, from the perspective of the company, the benefit of investing in display ads is the opportunity to reach potential customers while they are searching or researching, and subsequently create a cycle of reaching them again and again to ensure that your business or service remains at the top of their mind. 

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