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Trade Show Booth

Making the Biggest Impact with Your Trade Show Booth

If your company is investing time and money to have a presence at trade shows, it's critical for you to have strong representation for your brand at the booth. 

"A lot of people think about content as social media content or website content, and those are all extremely important in the marketing world." Melanie Querry, President and Founder of Beyond Spots & Dots, said. "But content can also pertain to printed material."

Printed materials you have available at a trade show booth can be a highly effective way of communicating with a specific audience and targeted customers or clients you are looking to work with. 

Having an effective marketing strategy based around the trade show can also help your business lock in conversations and follow-up from your investment in a booth. 

"Have a plan in place to do some marketing before, during, and after," Querry said. "Capturing people and letting them know you're going to be there, generating exposure, having an eye-catching booth that draws the attention you want, and after the show reaching out and following up appropriately."