Education Recruitment

Education Recruitment

Give Your Enrollment Strategy a Boost


Every educational institution defines enrollment succsss differently. What is certain, is that an increased enrollment yield comes from a well-executed, multi-layered advertising and marketing approach.


KPI's & Application Submissions 

The first step in developing a successful marketing approach begins with defining what success means to your institution. Beyond Spots & Dots works with your team to outline your enrollment vision, how marketing fits into that vision and identifies and assesses your KPI's. 

Profiling Demographics

Before your message can reach prospective students and parents, understanding who your target audience is plays a key role. Through extensive market research and audience analysis, Beyond Spots & Dots can help develop a marketing and enrollment strategy that puts you directly in front of the students most likely to buy-in to your institution and help you generate new leads and attain your KPIs.

Educational Branding & Messaging

The next step is developing your enrollment vision into a message. Your brand is the face of your institution and what prospective students and future graduates will come to recognize across your campaigns. The creative minds at Beyond Spots & Dots will help develop everything your brand needs, from a logo and color scheme to advertising that resonates with your student body.

Pin Point Targeting

Now that we have an understanding of your audience demographics, Beyond Spots & Dots can move to locating them. Utilizing proprietary data and market research, we can locate the prospective students and parents you’re aiming to capture and help your message reach them through numerous geographic targeting strategies.

Competitive Analysis

Before your campaigns launch, Beyond Spots & Dots will work to optimize them with the most relevant industry resources. By researching competitors and utilizing market tools, Beyond Spots & Dots is able to find data on keywords and budgeting that will place you top  of mind.

Custom Audiences

To take your marketing plan to the next level, Beyond Spots & Dots will create custom audiences for your campaigns. Through the use of first-party CRM data obtained through Slate and other proprietary CRMs in combination with in-market, affinity, targeted, similar, demographic, and remarketing audiences, Beyond Spots & Dots will develop a comprehensive targeting strategy to optimize conversions.

Multi-Touchpoint Digital Strategy

With all the data in place to make your campaigns as effective as possible, Beyond Spots & Dots will create a multi-touchpoint strategy for supporting prospective students’ digital journey. These touchpoints will help guide students from application to enrollment through a series of soft conversions reinforcing your brand messaging and eventually capitalizing on their attention through hard conversion points defined by your institution’s goals.

Inquiry Marketing

Even after hard conversions are secured, there are still methods to enhancing your brand and reinforcing messaging with applicants, perspective applicants, parents and caregivers. Beyond Spots & Dots will help develop Eblast marketing automation, letters, materials, and other tools to help your brand maintain retention and build affinity with students.

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